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Library News & Events

Graphic of an invitation for the 300 years of Navajo Presentation held at Thomas J. Garland Library on November 27th at 6 p.m.

Image reads, " Native American Heritage Month. You are invited! The Thomas J. Garland Library and Tusculum’s sociology program are partnering to hold a presentation in honor of Native American Heritage Month Monday, Nov. 27, at 6 p.m. in the library."

Join Park Ranger Shawn Gillette of the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site for an informal look at almost 300 years of history of the Dine' of Navajo People. This one-hour program will briefly discuss their interaction with Spanish, Mexican, and American People. This eventually led to the "Long Walk" into captivity at Bosque Redondo and culminated in the 1868 Navajo Peace Treaty, which saw the Navajo returned to their ancestral homelands.  

The event will also include a brief discussion of the 155th Navajo celebration at Andrew Johnson National Historic Site of the above peace treaty.

Kathy Hipps and Kristi Dalton pictured together. The library staff distributed thank you cards to local veterans in the nearby nursing homes.

The image pictured is of Kathy Hipps, Thomas J. Garland Library Director, and Kristi Dalton from Brookdale Greenville. The library staff distributed handwritten thank you cards to our local veterans at nearby nursing homes. The cards were written by Tusculum, faculty, staff, and students.